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for the first time ever zayn is the only one losing his shit while everyone else is indifferent and its because of niall


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sometimes you forget harry styles has four nipples and when you remember again, it’s like “that’s weird af if you think about it”

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Lego One Direction [author - Nathan Sawaya]
"To celebrate its arrival in the UK, the exhibition has an extra section dedicated purely to British culture. Among the British artefacts on show are a red telephone box, a "Keep calm and build on" poster and two bands that showcase the best of British music in the past and today, in the form of The Beatles and — ahem — One Direction." c

im cool and im beautiful and i love one direction

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Charlotte, NC. September 28, 2014

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from this brave person who overheard julian blasting 1d’s unreleased songs, rip soon modest will get you. i’ve enhanced a bit of the vines but i can’t do anything about the noise as it’ll kill their vocals
1. harry
2. niall (or liam)
3. 1d harmonizing [wipes tears]
4. zayn
5. louis [chokes]
6. niall 

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